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What is a difference between a word mark & logo mark?
Word mark is a mark, in which a word, combination of alphabets, numerals or combination of alphabets and numerals is used as trademark (example 'SAMSUNG' & i10).
A logo mark is a mark which is a symbol, design or a graphical representation used along with the words and/or numerals. Logo marks are generally created in a specific font style.
A word mark gets stronger protection than a logo mark because it allows the owner of the mark to prevent third parties from using the word in any format. On the other hand, logo mark only enables the owner to prevent others from using an identical or similar logo.
Example : Link to your Logo Files which is uploaded into Google Drive or DropBox
What are trademark classes?
Common sets of goods or services are classified into different classes under the trademark law. While filing for a trademark, an applicant must indicate the class or classes to which his/her trademark belongs. Registration of a trademark is granted in a specific class or set of classes identified by the applicant. The international system of classification followed across the world is called as NICE Classification.
In India, classes 1-34 deal with goods and classes 35-45 deal with services.
Do I need to register my trademark in more than one class?
Anyone who is in the business of goods and services which may come under more than one class may register his/her trademark under multiple classes. It must be noted that, a mark registered under one class may not get protection under other classes, for example, a mark registered for electronic goods under class 9 cannot get protection under class 25 for textile goods. If the producer is in multiple kinds of businesses, then he must file for registration of the trademark in all classes that relate to his business.
Our team will get in touch with you and help you identifying the relevant class for your Trademark/Brand name.
Example : Link to the scanned document on Google Drive or DropBox
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Link to the scanned document on Google Drive or DropBox
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